Roof products


Water and oil-repellent, soiling and graffiti protection
for porous materials


High-performance water-repellent for porous materials

ImperGuard® Ultra 4 in 1

Highly powerful water-repellent for porous materials

ImperGuard® Premium

High-performance water-repellent for all porous materials

Guard Wash®

Rapid-action self-cleaner:
removes all organic soiling on all materials

Guard Wash® Express

Concentrated instant-action self-cleaner:
Eliminates organic contaminates on all materials

Guard® Anti M 24

Curative and preventative treatment against
green deposits, lichens and fungi

Guard Cleaner® Algae & Protect

Concentrated fungicidal and water-repellent treatment

Guard Cleaner® Algae

Concentrated fungicidal treatment