Total protection of slightly porous materials or materials subject to high traffic.
ProtectGuard® HD is the leading product for all-round protection for all slightly porous floors and facades. Its excellent protective capacities also enable surfaces subject to very high traffic to be protected.

ProtectGuard® HD provides long-lasting protection for all slightly porous materials and prevents the main causes of damage like atmospheric pollution, grease marks, ingress, chewing gum, graffiti, etc. It slows down the ageing of the material and makes it easier to maintain.

ProtectGuard® HD is a permanent, non-film forming impregnation product, the material remains permeable to air and water vapour.

ProtectGuard® HD is completely colourless after application, it does not change the appearance or the nature of the treated material. It is also is fully UV ray resistant and does not yellow over time.