Protection, decoration and embellishment of all types of concrete.
ProtectGuard® ColorTwo-Component: one product, two functions:

1. Water/Oil repellent and permanent protection against graffiti
ProtectGuard® Color Two-Component provides long-lasting protection against soiling, stains of all types, atmospheric pollution, grease marks, ingress, etc.
ProtectGuard® Color Two-Component provides permanent protection against graffiti. It can resist several dozen cleans (using GraffiGuard® 2010 cleaner) and does not need to be reapplied after graffiti is removed.

2. Pigmented varnish
ProtectGuard® Color Two-Component is a stain -suited to concretes. In contrast to paint, it is a semi-transparent product which respects the mineral properties of materials. The final colour depends on the colour of the stain and the colour of the material. ProtectGuard® Color Two-Component lets the material breathe.