Biodegradable concentrated cleaner for all heavily soiled surfaces.
Net’Guard® Ultra 4 in 1 is a multi-functional cleaner with 4 actions: degreasing, cleaning, stronger and hyper-active. It quickly and easily removes the most persistent greasy stains and dirt (food grease, mineral oils, tyre marks, etc. on all types of materials and supports.

Net’Guard® Ultra 4 in 1 consists of easily biodegradable and effective molecules without soda or potash and does not require neutralisation after rinsing with water. In contrast to commonly-used corrosive or irritant products, Net’Guard® Ultra 4 in 1 offers every advantage in terms of ease of use, effectiveness and safety. One application, followed by rinsing, without leaving it to dry, eliminates grease stains and dirt due to atmospheric and industrial pollution.