High-performance water protection for all porous building materials.
ImperGuard® is a high-performance water-repellent designed to protect porous walls, facades and roofs against damp. ImperGuard® penetrates deep into the pores of materials to make them impermeable and therefore limit the negative effects caused by damp, water ingress, acid rain, erosion, icing/melting cycles, formation of moss and lichens, the appearance of efflorescence or saltpeter, etc. The water repellent properties of ImperGuard® are acquired very rapidly (from a few hours to 3 days).

ImperGuard® also possesses dust protection qualities. It enables the surface of materials to be hardened to make them less fragile and less dusty.

ImperGuard® is a non-film forming impregnation product, the material remains permeable to air and water vapour. Completely colourless after application, it does not change the appearance or the nature of the treated material. It is also fully resistant to UV rays and does not yellow over time.