A preventative and curative treatment for old concretes against ingress, chlorides, carbonation and corrosion of reinforcements.
ImperGuard® CP is a ready to use product specially designed to repel water and reduce corrosion of existing concrete reinforcements.

Curative: It stops existing corrosion of reinforcements (within the limit of a corrosion rate of 5 microns/cm²). The corrosion rate may vary according to the humidity, amount of chlorides, etc.

Preventative: Reinforcements coming into contact with damp and chlorides (de-icing salt, etc.) oxidise causing an increase in volume which can rupture the concrete and weaken the mechanical resistance of the affected components.

In contrast to the corrosion inhibitors on the market, ImperGuard® CP penetrates very deeply into concretes, up to 6 cm deep, and protects against damp and chlorides. ImperGuard® CP also protects against microcracks of a maximum size of 0.3 mm.