Strips paint covered surfaces, varnished and organic coated surfaces.
Guard Remover® Eco VG Painted Surfaces is a new generation environmentally-friendly stripper designed for stripping paint, varnished and organic coatings on a wide range of materials. It is a new product on the market which meets the exacting requirements of customers for effective and non-hazardous products for the humans and the environment.

Guard Remover® Eco VG Painted Surfaces is a non-corrosive, chloride, toxic and paraffin free solvents, it does not have the disadvantages of conventional strippers (flammability, odour, hazards for the user and the environment, etc.).

Emulsion in the form of a gel, Guard Remover® Eco VG Painted Surfaces can be easily applied with a brush. Once applied, the product can remain for several hours on a vertical surface with no problems (night work). Due to the absence of paraffin, the stripped material can be cleaned by just scraping without rinsing and then can be covered by a new coat of paint or coating.