Eliminates wax, acrylic emulsions and adhesive residue on floors.
Guard Remover® Eco Floor Wax is a new generation powerful and environmentally-friendly stripper designed to remove wax and acrylic emulsions used for floors. It also enables traces and residue of adhesives or foams to be removed for carpets, PVC and lino floor coatings (neoprene, dual surface, polyurethane, vinyl, etc.). Its neutral pH means it can re-applied without rinsing and without neutralisation which greatly reduces the stripping time.

Guard Remover® Eco Floor Wax is a pH neutral stripper. Soda and potash-free and does not contain ethylene glycol ethers (butylglycol, methyldiglycol, etc.), it does not have the disadvantages of conventional alkaline strippers (classed as corrosive, requires neutralisation and several rinses, hazardous for the user and the environment, etc.).