CONSTRUCTION SITE REPORT : When concrete turns into metal

11 June 2018

At the corner of Frida Kahlo street and La Courneuve street, an astonishing 60-unit residential complex is being built. What makes it so peculiar? The use of two materials that complement each other: metal and raw concrete stained in metallic colours.


The union of concrete and metal

The complex consists of five buildings, each with its own identity. Each building plays on an alternation of two materials: stained raw concrete and copper-plated metal panels. These materials are treated in tone-on-tone colours with metallic shades of champagne, silver, bronze, yellow copper and red copper. The use of the five metallic colours gives each of the buildings a character of its own, allowing all the inhabitants to make the place their own.

A variation in heights to break the rules

Beyond the interplay of colours and materials, the complex is characterised by its variation in height from four storeys to nine storeys and by the interplay in the offsetting of buildings. These different sizes create a jagged, contrasting silhouette. They thus avoid the block effect of a simple row of low-rise buildings.

Five metallic-effect shades for dressing and protecting concrete

For this project, the architectural firm Jean Bocabeille called upon Guard Industrie and its ProtectGuard Color High Jewellery stain. With ProtectGuard Color High Jewellery, the architect was able to experiment with multiple finishes and give the concrete changing reflections depending on the light and the position from which the building is seen. The use of metallic shades gold, silver, bronze, corten and silk gives the project a firmly contemporary identity.


ProtectGuard Color, a 2-in-1 stain that protects and colours concrete 

ProtectGuard Color tints the skin of concrete while preserving its mineral properties. In addition to colouring, it also provides water, oil and graffiti protection to preserve the beauty of the works.

ProtectGuard Color gives the works a new aesthetic dimension. This semi-transparent stain makes it possible to choose both the colour and the finish of the tint. This extremely varied choice makes it possible to obtain a unique and infinitely customisable rendering.

ProtectGuard Color provides protection against water, dirt and graffiti. Treated structures become waterproof and repel water and dirt marks. They are more weather-resistant and are easier to maintain.