NEW : let your imagination run wild with our new “high jewellery” concrete stain

30 August 2019

The latest addition to the ProtectGuard Color range, ProtectGuard Color High Jewellery is a concrete stain with a double function. It colours the concrete’s skin and protects against penetration of water and stains.

ProtectGuard Color High Jewellery is available in 32 shades allowing artistic prowess. You can play with several effects: metallic, pearlescent, iridescent and also luminescent. With ProtectGuard Color High Jewellery, creativity is without limit.

A true cosmetic, ProtectGuard Color High Jewellery sublimates architectural works and makes every project a jewel in your crown. This outstanding product is therefore the best solution for architects to give exceptional finish to concrete buildings while preserving their beauty down the years.

To know more about ProtectGuard Color High Jewellery and its colour chart, click here