Blue shade for a social residence

22 January 2019

The residence Julia Bartet is a building designed by the architect Charles-Henri Tachon. This new building will house young workers, a training centre and a food distribution centre of “les restos du coeur” (French association offering free meals).

The architect chose a mass-tinted blue concrete for the building. But during each rainfall, white marks (carbonation) appeared on the concrete. He therefore called upon Guard Industrie’s expertise to solve the problem.

For this project, Guard Industrie developed a custom-made blue shade of the concrete stain ProtectGuard Color Two-Component. ProtectGuard Color Two-Component protects concrete against penetration from water, staining and graffiti. It therefore preserves the beauty of the building. The custom-made shade in 5% opacity refreshes the colour of the building while preserving the original blue.