Air purification, a revolution is coming

18 September 2018

Over 6 years of research and development have been spent on designing this new, innovative product. DtoxGuard INT is a depolluting stain designed to purify internal air. It is a bi-component and non-film forming impregnation treatment for vertical interior substrates and ceilings. DtoxGuard INT cleans the air by breaking down pollution by photocatalysis.

In Birmingham, England, Gunter Primary School was the first ever establishment to benefit from a DtoxGuard INT treatment. Last June, the treatment was applied onto several classroom ceilings. Works were completed with no disruption to lessons due to the product’s quick drying time.

“We are thankful to Guard Industrie for introducing this innovative product into our classrooms. The health and wellbeing of ourpupils is at the forefront of everything we do.”

Lucy Riley, Gunter Head Teacher