CONSTRUCTION SITE REPORT: A custom beige shade for the Qatar desert rose

20 December 2018

The National Museum of Qatar designed by the Ateliers Jean Nouvel sprang up in the desert of Doha in 2019. Built around the historic Qatar Palace, the building is dedicated to the history of Qatar and will house collections of rare objects. This project’s appeal lies in its distinctive architecture in the shape of desert rose and its customised beige shade.


A concrete desert rose

Designed by Jean Nouvel, this 52,000 m2 museum resembles a desert rose, symbolically evoking the desert of Qatar.

The building envelope consists of 539 interlocking concrete discs laid randomly. These concrete petals are of different diameters and a variety of curvatures.

In total, 76,000 sand-coloured UHPFC (Ultra-High Performance Fibre Concrete) panels form this rose.

A custom beige shade

For this project, Ateliers Jean Nouvel wanted to protect the building against water infiltration and dirt and also stain the concrete in a beige colour reminiscent of desert sand.

This is why they called upon the expertise of Guard Industrie and its water and oil-repellent concrete finish ProtectGuard Color

For this project, Guard Industrie developed a beige shade to best match the original colour of the UHPFC panels. ProtectGuard Color provides a unique rendering with a custom shade that perfectly matches the architect’s expectations.

ProtectGuard Color, a 2-in-1 stain that protects and colours concrete

ProtectGuard Color tints the skin of concrete while preserving its mineral properties. It also provides water, oil and graffiti protection to preserve the beauty of the works.

ProtectGuard Color gives the works a new aesthetic dimension. This semi-transparent stain makes it possible to choose both the colour and the finish of the tint. This extremely varied choice makes it possible to obtain a unique and infinitely customisable rendering.

ProtectGuard Color provides protection against water, dirt and graffiti. Treated structures become waterproof and repel water and dirt marks. They are more weather-resistant and are easier to maintain.